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    Web Application Developer

    Hi there, my name is Kevin Angulo, I am an IT Engineer with about 16 year of experience in IT area, in my last job position I was working along 12 years as a Web Developer in one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world called Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. , as a developer I have a knowledge about the latest technologies, best practices/techniques and how to programming in several languages, I am very commitment not only with the functionality of the software, but with the quality too.

    About Me

    I consider myself a nice guy, with humor sense, I am an Honest and Integrity person, I have values and interpersonal skill like the ability to work in teams, relate to people and manage conflict, adapt to changes and manage multiple tasks. I am a self-motivated person and open to learn new things, skills, techniques, methods, and/or theories to allow me growing up professionally and at the same time help to keep the organization at the top of its field making the job more interesting and exciting.

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  • Kedrux

    It is a web application developed to support the Great Mission Housing Venezuela to control the building materials of all collection centers in Monagas state. It allow the control of the inventory, the inlet and outlet of materials.

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    On the occasion of the First National University Conference on Oil and Gas, it was designed http://jornadaspetroleoygas.pdvsa.com website to provide information about the event, will also be developing an application that controlled pre-registration of teachers and students, the registration of the participants, the speakers, the guided tours of the facilities with dashboard and reports views.

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    Kiniela Brasil 2014

    To raise funds to benefit the Volunteer of PDVSA, an application to compete for prize money was developed about who would win in the 48 games of the World Cup.

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    Kiniela Copa America 2014

    Due to the success of the last football pool of Brazil 2014, it decided to develop again the betting game for the Copa America back to benefit PDVSA Volunteer.

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    Develop a software solution that supports the monitoring process license applications specialized EyP East, in order to take control of facilities, availability and use of proprietary software licenses managed by FlexNet Server. This can be known how many licenses are being used, underused or not used at all and how many really need it.

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    Working System Guard is a directory by which the information of all persons who are on call in case of any emergency or contingency that remains present within and outside the industry facilities

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    It is a system retains control of the cost estimates made by different departments for the procurement of materials needed to ensure business continuity.

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  • Work Experience

    Web Developer - UI Developer

    2004 - Today    Petroleos de Venezuela,S.A.   Maturin, Venezuela

    Programming in PHP, JSP, Java & Javascript. Working with these javascript frameworks (ExtJS) and libraries (JQuery), also AJAX, HTML5 & CSS3 Technologies. AngularJS Responsive Web Design with (Bootstrap) Web Development of mobile apps. (Ionic)

    IT Manager / Systems Administrator

    2003 - 2004    SMA Consulting, C.A.   Maturin, Venezuela

    Creation of a Server Room,Programming & Networking Development of Administrative applications in .NET and Create and Handle Databases in MySQL & Postgres

    Programmer Analyst / Technical Support

    1998 - 2003    3D Vision, C.A.   Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

    PC Hardware Support & Networking Developing Applications in C#, VB

  • Education

    Ingeniería de Sistemas (IT Engineer)

    2007 - 2014

    “Universidad Politécnica Territorial del Norte de Monagas "Ludovico Silva" Maturin. Edo. Monagas

    Técnico Superior En Informática ( IT Professional)

    1995 - 1998

    “Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Isaac Newton” Pto. Ordaz. Edo. Bolívar.

  • Skills

    Angular JS
    Also, I have knowledge with Control Version Software (Git, Subversion), and another tools for Task automation like (yeoman, grunt, gulp) and minification.

  • PHP Object Generator


    PHP Object Generator, (POG) is an open source PHP code generator which automatically generates clean & tested Object Oriented code for your PHP4/PHP5 application. Over the years, we realized that a large portion of a PHP programmer's time is wasted on repetitive coding of the Database Access Layer of an application simply because different applications require different objects.

  • PHP+ExtJS Object Generator


    Is a RAD tool that will save you time of development, it can make a simple web application or a group of them, using POG Php Object Generator + ExtJS Javascript Framework to make since database table to interface in easy way and quickly just doing a couple of clicks.


  • Contact Me

    Please feel free to contact me for whatever reason, as soon as I can. I will write you back.

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    1148 Bennignton Street, Unit 1
    Boston, MA 02128
    Mobil: (857) 275-9445